Digestion and Skin

Hello, I rarely review products, but your probiotics really deserve it. I already felt positive changes in my digestion and skin in the 2nd week of taking them. Gradually, my acne disappeared, my skin was more beautiful, my digestion improved. The liquid form is certainly better than the tablets, either in terms of use or the effect that is not comparable to the tablets. Thank you.


Histamine intolerance

Hello, I would also like to share my experience with the Bodyandfuturelab probiotics. I started taking probiotics as a supportive treatment because I was found to have limit values for histamine intolerance and after the first pack, the feeling of fullness and bloating was already alleviated. I am currently starting my fourth week and the bloating is minimal. It’s definitely not my first and only treatment. I cannot but recommend it.


Fatigue and immunity

I’ve been taking B&F Laboratories Probiotics for a short time, but I can already feel the positive changes. I feel better, less tired and my immunity works better. I believe that the effects will be even more pronounced with long-term use.



Hello, I have to tell you that I LOVE your probiotics, hehe. I’ve been taking them for 8 weeks now and I cannot believe how powerful they are. For years, I have been suffering from feelings of fullness and irregular bowel movement. I have tried everything, different medications, natural remedies, herbs and so on. But nothing worked well enough. With you however, I have noticed positive changes in digestion already after the first week. The feeling of a bloated stomach gradually disappeared and I started to feel much better overall. In any case, thank you! I’m currently enjoying beautiful days of my vacation, and the only thing that I regret today is that I haven’t found you earlier. Have a lovely day:)


Immunity and Infections

Hello, my mother’s immune system is weakened and she has increased susceptibility to infections and diseases. Her doctors regularly start her treatment with antibiotics. Being an elderly person who doesn’t get enough exercise, plus antibiotics, this is reflected to a large extent in her digestion. Probiotics from yourselves are the only ones that help her a lot. Improved digestion, more energy and she also feels better mentally. We will continue with the next monthly treatments.


Bloated belly

Hello, I have been plagued with bloated belly and stomach problems for a while now. I have been taking probiotics in capsule form for years, but I must tell you that it is incomparable to your liquid one. After the first week of taking your product, I noticed my digestion adjusted and the feeling of fullness and bloated belly disappeared. I continue with another monthly treatment. Thank you!



After years of struggling with rosacea and daily rashes, investing in various creams and products, I don’t have a single rash and my skin is clean and beautiful after just 9 days !!!!! of taking these probiotics. Not to mention the overall condition, more energy, etc. A huge thank you!!!!


Years of Acne Suffering

Hello, for years I’ve been suffering from acne, which I treated by having my skin regularly cleaned by a beautician and with overly expensive cosmetic products. Since I didn’t notice any results, I decided to bring my dermatologist in on the problem, who recommended me to look at the problem complexly, to change my eating habits and include probiotics in my diet. She recommended you, thanks to your liquid form and I have to thank you very much! I noticed changes already after the first month of use, my skin had less redness and became “calmer”. Today it has been 4 months since I started taking your probiotics, and I cannot believe it. Just have a look at the photo yourself. Thank you


How Biomefix Helped My Dog

She is an older dog with a serious diagnosis. She started having problems with digestion and also with her gallbladder. This is understandable, given the combination of old age and a serious diagnosis, she has to take a lot of medications, which unfortunately,
besides treating, also have side effects. Among the issues we faced were problems with her entire digestive system, including her gallbladder. Since I also use Biomefix and she had to take probiotics too, I didn’t want to add more tablets to her regimen, so
the choice was clear. We would try it, as it couldn’t hurt her.

After approximately a month-long course, we went for a check-up at the vet, who saw on the ultrasound that the inflammation had subsided and the gallbladder wall had shrunk. I’m not saying this is solely the result of probiotics, but also the medication, of
course. However, what I believe is the result of probiotics is her digestion: her stomach rumbles less, her stool is much better, and we no longer have “accidents.” Overall, she is more energetic and has a much better appetite. Since we didn’t treat this with
medication nor did we change her diet, I believe that the probiotics helped a lot.


4 and 6 years old girls

Hello, our girls are taking the second bottle: the older one is 6 years old, and the younger one, who is 4 years old, has been on antibiotics for 1.5 years, since after a year of having problems, her lymph node was removed, and she was diagnosed with the lymph node TB. We have switched to Symprove probiotics, as they also contain fibre. Admittedly, the taste is quite heavy, but the girls take it with ease while holding their noses 🤣.


At times of severe illness

Your probiotics kept me going during a severe illness (cancer) and helped me to overcome severe cramps, indigestion, bloating and nausea surprisingly quickly.

And I use them to this day, because, to be perfectly honest, if we are unable to even partially influence factors such as air pollution, genetics and, not least, what we eat, and wean ourselves off a diet of mainly processed foods, then we should at least reach for good-quality probiotics to help keep our organs healthy.


Lactose intolerance

Hello, I would like to share my experience of taking probiotics. I have been suffering from lactose intolerance and associated abdominal pain, bloating, or diarrhoea for several years. Some foods have caused me cramps that were so strong that I couldn’t get out of my bed. After only 2 weeks of taking your probiotics, I have not noticed any of these negative symptoms, even when I have consumed small amounts of lactose (a piece of cheese, a butter croissant, crackers, etc.). Overall, I don’t feel full, I have more energy and much better digestion. Thank you.


A change in the first few days

Hello, I would like to share my experience with BFL probiotics. I have only been taking this mango-flavoured dietary supplement for 1 week, but already in the first few days, I noticed a change. Even though there were a lot of sick people around me, I felt healthy. At the same time, I got rid of the feeling of heavy digestion that I used to have after every bigger meal. This way I would like to thank you for such a great product, I plan on taking it on a regular basis!


You are awesome

You are awesome. Thank you! The probiotics help me a lot. They really got me back on my feet. I had post-covid issues for a long time. And now they’re gone. I don’t want to burden you, I just wanted to describe my findings so that you have feedback.


Great products

BODY&FUTURE Laboratories offers great products for our health. I have been taking their probiotics for several months and I am more than satisfied with the results.


Fast delivery

I definitely recommend this eshop, I was very surprised by the speed of delivery of the ordered goods.


Liquid form

Capsule probiotics caused me problems (I felt heaviness after taking them). Switching to these liquid probiotics solved all of my problems.

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