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Nutritional supplement with combination of five live bacterial strains, with black currant or mango flavour, liquid.


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6 reasons for BODY&FUTURE Laboratories BIOMEFIX

The most effective liquid form of probiotics

Our unique liquid formula keeps the bacteria alive and active so they can flow directly into the intestines and have the maximum effect.

50 billion live bacteria

There are up to 50 billion live bacteria in a single dose (60 ml).

Complex formula

Plus, our product contains a complex of probiotics, prebiotics, SCFAs and health-promoting bacterial metabolites with a positive impact on health.

Enriched with SCFAs

SCFAs are short-chain fatty acids, which are essential for the gut. SCFAs, a primary source of energy for intestinal cells, maintain the intestinal barrier function, protect us from pathogens, and play a vital role in the health of the entire body.

Freshness guaranteed

Every single bottle is always made fresh to your order. 

Free of Preservatives and GMO

No preservatives, GMO-free, suitable for vegans and those who are lactose intolerant or gluten-sensitive.

Verified by customers


"We are constantly developing and improving the product to deliver a “clean label” formulation containing live bacteria, fibre, and biologically active ingredients such as short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs)."


After years of struggling with rosacea and daily rashes, investing in various creams and products, I don’t have a single rash and my skin is clean and beautiful after just 9 days (!) of taking these probiotics. Not to mention the overall condition..."

The liquid formula is a guarantee of maximum effect